Amusement electric car

Electric hammer machine is one of the most popular amusement park products. This play device is suitable for all ages from children to adults. Amusement products are generally divided into two categories: outdoor and indoor amusement. This division makes it impossible to use products that require deep foundations or are overweight in an indoor amusement park.


The electric knocker is one of the most attractive children’s electric cars that is available in most outdoor and indoor playgrounds. Of course, the frequency of using this device is indoors. This product attracts the eyes of every viewer with its lighting and many movements. It also has a wide age range. This product is divided into two categories of electricity from the ceiling and electricity from the floor, which is executed according to the customer’s choice and needs.
Beating machines are suitable for children and adults and are one of the most popular playground equipment because of the safety, security and excitement they convey to the person. In the following, you will get acquainted with different types of beating machines, which include moving with electricity from the roof and electricity from the floor and welding.

Electric knocker (electric from the roof)

ماشین برقی کوبنده  (برق از سقف)

In this type of track, the cars have antennas and the track is electrified through a grid on the roof of the track. Also, the floor of this track is covered with 5 mm coiled sheet. In addition, for more safety, electrification around the track is required. The average speed of each car is 12-8 km / h and the approximate dimensions of each car are 200 x 90 cm, which provides the user with a capacity equivalent to two people.

Electric knocker (electric from the floor)

ماشین برقی کوبنده (برق از کف)

This type can be applied in two ways: welding and portable. The power consumption of this track is stored from the control, which is 220 volts. If the track wants to be installed on the floors of commercial complexes, springs with a diameter of 7 cm must be worked under the track chassis to prevent the transfer of impact to the roof of the lower floor. Also, these springs can support the weight of heavy track plates. They will. Note that it is not necessary to run these springs on the open track. Also, if the track is run outdoors, the roof of the track should be 130 cm away from the edge of the track. In areas such as the north of the country where the humidity is high, it is recommended to use a welding track with 6 mm Mobarakeh steel sheet. The substructure of this work is in the form of aluminum cans that will be 25 cm below the chassis track.

ماشین برقی شهربازی(نصبی) 

In this type of tracking machine, the plates are placed next to each other in the form of 1.1 and 2.1 and are connected to each other by welding. The iron top plate can be made of 3 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm diameters, but mainly 3 mm diameter is used. Between the two sides of the plate is 29 mm or 32 mm thick MDF wood.

Amusement electric car (portable)

In this type of track, the plates are bolted to one piece and placed on the substructure.

An electric hammer machine can always be one of your choices for healthy and safe entertainment. In addition to using the children’s play house, which is suitable for children, you can enjoy the amusement park.

The last word:

Finally, it should be noted that the use of this exciting toy can be very exciting for children in addition to safety and security. You can use this electric knocker with your child. Although this game device has a short time to use, but due to the high adrenaline and competition that it creates for people, it encourages you to use this exciting device again and again.

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